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Fun & Creativity


As a kid I loved to draw and paint. I will give your little one many days of fun with art. and some days they will be able to choose what we create.


I had a passion of being a signer, so I would love to have music time with our little one. Music really is good for the soul.


I'm an athletic person. I loved playing with my two kids. My goal is to have fun with yours and stay healthy at the same time. I've been doing yoga for myself for years we will have some days of yoga fun! 


I help children with their three stages of language development. Learning sounds, words, and sentences. Children learn at their own pace, so we will do our best by readying, singing and talking to them. We also do some sign language to help communicate. 


Children love numbers. Your child will learn how to count from one to a hundred, count by fives and tens, and will have an introduction to addition, subtraction while having fun!   

Outside Play

We have a gated yard with play toys for all age groups. When the weather permits, we guarantee your child at least 30 minutes of outside play.

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